Climate Smart Farming

The agricultural industry has a goal of reaching Net Zero by 2040. Our work aims to provide farmers with practical solutions enabling them to progress to a more regenerative system whilst remaining economically sustainable.

Climate Smart Farming

Climate Smart Farming

Capturing carbon and increasing biodiversity

Our Climate Smart Farming initiative provides farmers with opportunities to identify how small changes to farming practices can reduce farm emissions and/or sequester carbon, while boosting profitability.

Farms can get involved with the Climate Smart Farming initiative by joining the Climate Farm Demo network as a demo farm.

Joining the network will give the opportunity to improve farm performance, to stay ahead of the curve as policy increasingly requires farms to demonstrate environmental benefits alongside food production, and to take a leading role in sharing knowledge and experience with the wider farming community.

Find out more about the Climate Farm Demo project and benefits of becoming a demo farm here or email if you have any questions.

The Climate Smart Farming initiative will also emphasise the developments needed for future farm transport, providing guidance on practicality of application and cost:benefit ratios. We will focus on circular solutions for biowastes, clean energy, nutrients and future fuels – we will demonstrate how farming businesses can better use nutrients, move away from reliance on red diesel and generate clean energy.

The IfA Climate Smart team will:

  • Provide and facilitate training and mentoring, whilst communicating best practices and pointers for success.
  • Highlight the barriers to change and the challenges that may be faced when implementing such changes.
  • Focus on ways for farmers to make such changes profitably, regenerating and healing the land, and ensuring businesses are economically sustainable and viable for the long term.

FREE Pilot Carbon Decision Support Toolkit

The pilot carbon decision support tool is designed to help farmers choose the most appropriate tools / programmes to calculate carbon emissions and sequestration.

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Climate Smart Farming

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Climate Smart Farming

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Climate Smart Farming

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Climate Smart Farming

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Climate Smart Farming

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