Regenerative Practices

Regenerative Practices

Through practices which enrich soil, protect water and increase biodiversity, Regenerative Agriculture aims to mimic natural processes to combine food production with environmental stewardship.

This type of system not only improves the health and productivity of our farmland and wider ecosystems, but the benefits also include reduced costs through less cultivations and chemical control.

Our work in this space aims to:

  • Focus on encouraging arable farmers to re-introduce grazing and other livestock back onto their holdings.

  • Consider the mental and physical barriers that currently prevent this from happening whilst developing solutions to overcome these barriers.

  • Provide and facilitate training and mentoring, whilst communicating best practices and pointers for success.

  • focus on ways to do this profitably, regenerating and healing the land, and helping to make the business economically sustainable and viable for the long term.

Please keep an eye on our events page for workshops and demo events focusing on this topic.