FAIRSHARE: Digital Tools for Farm Advisors.

A €7 million European project funded by H2020 aiming to collate and develop digital tools for farm advisors. This project involves testing and trialling innovative digital platforms, Apps and decision-support tools that help advisors to support farmers, culminating in a series of cross exchange visits between partner countries.

This project is led by Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority and is supported by 22 partners from 15 countries across Europe.

IfA is leading work package 4: Learning from the adoption of new Digital Agriculture Tools & Services. 

Within this project, IfA will be responsible for the development of two Digital Advisory Tools (DATS). The first, IfA Live, will enable advisors to deliver workshops and events via an online setting, including presentations, farm walks, support tools and live Q&A sessions. 

The second DAT developed by IfA is a Carbon Decision Support Tool which will enable farmers to compare and contrast various carbon auditing platforms based on their own farm data. The end result is the indication of which audit platform is best suited for the use on that specific farm enterprise. 

To find out more search: https://www.h2020fairshare.eu/ 

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